According to recent datta by Mexican Government, Cancun/RivieraMaya zone continues as trendy for travellers, this beggun almost a decade ago and just the firts half of 2016, almost 11 million people have used Cancun International Airport, which represents an increase of almost 8 percent from same date past year.

Removing obvious, there are many reasons to visit Cancun: the city has one of the best and more diverse cuisine of all Mexico, which offers to our visitors a real chance to taste the best of international cuisine, but besides the international taste of Cancun allows the culinary experience at our destination all vegettable, specialties, italian, sushi, pizzas and even Burguers and fries have that special touch that only this place can offer.

Other main atractions for tourists to decide to visit Cancun is its weather, temperaturas are fortunately friendly almost all the time and our visitors can use that to swimm, dive, snorkeling. Yucatan Peninsula has one of the most accesible weathers in the world and that is because locals and visitors can practice many activities.

Of course we can not stop mention conections of Cancun with its indigenious past: many archeological sites and mayan ruines are a must to visit, Cancun doesn´t forget where we came from, but always looking to the future, we are very clear we can’t be left behind and asume the future in a conscious way, that is because Cancun is still unstoppable in 2016


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