3 Reasons why you should visit Cancun right now
3 Reasons why you should visit Cancun right now

I was very sure of one thing, i needed a vacation, and I needed them urgently, but  what i  really was not so certain is where I wanted to take that vacation, after much hesitation, I decided to travel to Cancun and after passing some spectacular days in this wonderful destination, I enlisted the 3 reasons why you must visit Cancun right now.

1-cenotes: If you are one of those tourist who loves adventure tourism, one of the main attractions that Cancún has for you are the cenotes, some amazing rock formations with groundwater that exist throughout of the Yucatan peninsula, were considered sacred by the Mayan culture, among the most popular is the Cenote sagrado near Chichen Itza , the gran Cenote near Tulum, Cenote Ik-Kil and the blue Cenote, a true experience type Mystic/adventure that you should not miss.

2-Ancient Mayan sites: ruins in Chichen Itza and Tulum are definitely a must see when you visit Cancun, Tulum is only an hour away by road to the South; access to these beautiful archaeological sites is relatively easy through the tours for groups or renting a car, know first-hand maya culture is something that you should definitely not miss you.

3-Isla Mujeres: Only 20 minutes accessing via a ferry, this place has one of the most incredible sites that should definitely be on your list to visit when you come to Cancun, we are talking about the MUSA which consists of an amazing underwater Museum full of an impressive collection of sculptures (more than 1,300 pieces) that are a true spectacle.

And Cancun has many other things by which you should visit him right now, I recommend not hesitate and you decide to visit this wonderful place that has something for all


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