Products made in Baja California Sur and specifically in Los Cabos are gaining international recognition because of their quality, so its now a common thing than we can find them in exclusive places such as restaurants and hotels.

Vegetables, milk and fish and other products generated in the entity are the most sought after by the hoteliers and restaurateurs of Los Cabos, according to the President of the Association of Hotels of Los Cabos, Enrique Turcott and it is for this reason that they are in talks with producers of Baja California to encourage local trade. Many of these products are of export quality and recognised internationally by experts in the kitchen.

To this day, according to Mr Turcott, many businesses in the tourism industry of Los Cabos like restaurants, bars, hotels and even enjoyment in the sea, use products made, packaged, and sold in the destination itself, generating an important income for local farmers, and not only that, but it is shown that products made in the region are of amazing quality and can be enjoyed even by the most demanding palates so surely on your next visit to our facilities in Los Cabos, you can enjoy products created in our region, we assure you that you will enjoy them enough.


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