Travel to Cancun with less money
Travel to Cancun with less money

Cancun is a destination full of visitors which seek to spend the best vacation of their life; with the passage of time, Cancun has become a destination of luxury that welcomes visitors from all over the world, and we know that one of the main reasons to visit this wonderful place is the beach, but whatever your reason is to visit us, the money should not be a factor preventing you to enjoy this incredible place.

Good news for our visitors that come from the USA to Mexico, is that the change  rate favors mostly to the  American currency, in addition, dollars are accepted in almost everywhere Mexico; another Council useful is avoid change them dollars in a bank or cashier automatic, since them commissions to the do it this way will affect your economy.

When traveling to Cancun, a good option for save a bit of money is travel in the public bus, it goes side to side from the hotel zone, the two main lines of public buses are Turican and Autocar.

Another useful tip to save money during your travel to Cancun is to travel during the low season, which includes from the month of August until the month of November, the reason of this is that during these months is the season of hurricanes, during this time, hotels offer packages promotional with discount.

Course the best recommendation that can make you save money is you host in an all included hotel, obviously, your best option is to stay you with us in any of our hotels in this wonderful place, surely will spend incredible moments in any of our facilities with some holiday unforgettable and also saving money.


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